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“The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word almost.” (Tiny Stories)

Imagine how different things would have been had the roles been reversed, and Lily and James had to bring up Dudley along with Harry.


  • Lily taking pride in the fact that Dudley’s hair is actually nice and manageable and her brushing it so it sits just perfect, kissing his forehead and touching his cheek gently. The turning to Harry and his unruly tangle that probably has twigs/ a quill/ whatever food he was eating last entangled in it lbr and sighing a little.
  • Harry standing up for his cousin in the playground when the other kids make fun of him for being a little chubby. Just imagine that though, picking on the chubby blonde kid then out of nowhere comes this short little bespectacled runt and just, so not going to win that fight but they try any way god bless them.
  • Peter making Dudley feel better about his size by cracking completely inappropriate innuendos greatly aided by Sirius that a seven year old should not be hearing and Lily completely losing it.
  • Harry and Dudley being partners in crime and constantly creating mischief together.

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James is on an Order mission and Sirius is left to care for terrified newly pregnant Lily and hasn't told anyone And Sirus isn't as oblivious as Lily thinks— Anonymous


His best friend’s wife is pacing around the tiny flat’s living room. Her eyes flick to the clock each time she passes it. His fingers are tight around his wand, James’ words heavy against his ears.

"Dumbledore says I might… Well. Anyway. It’ll take a while. Keep her safe.

Sirius’s other hand is wrapped around the spine of a book. He sets it down quietly before reaching for Lily. “Holding on, Evans?”

"Somewhat," comes her muffled reply. The tip of her nose is cold even through the fabric of his shirt. 

"What’s the use of knowing how to cast Heating Charms if you don’t actually cast them?" he asks her. Her arm is around his chest and he can feel the fist her fingers are making against his shoulder blade, the thin rod of wood she’s clutching along the line of his spine. Her shrug is almost shapeless under James’s jumper.

Sirius releases her and twists his own wand, muttering a quiet word. The flat feels immediately warmer. “It was fine the way it was,” she grouches. 

"Not," he replies, "according to that." He points to the book he had put down.

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otp series: jily (1/?)


otp series: jily (1/?)

26 Snippet [finally]


#ForeverFail with snippets. But here it is! Don’t pull out the pitchforks if some parts of this are tweaked in the final chapter. This is what happens when I go back and read earlier bits—indeccisssionnn, doubbbbttt, devestationnnn.

But huzzah all the same! I think you’ll start getting some idea about what’s going on with our good friends Lily and James and something about stand-ins har har harrr ;D

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"I was hysterical. That was the trouble. I was jealous of anyone she had anything to do with. I demanded absolute trust from her, because I wasn’t trustworthy myself. I was neurotic, taking all my frustrations out on her. She did leave me once. That was terrible. I couldn’t stand being without her"; - John Lennon

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Fic Request if your still taking them!!-The Potters live and Harry takes Ginny to visit his parents as his girlfriend for the first time and James and Lily pretend to be surprised— Anonymous


Harry’s palms were sweaty. Ginny had already tried to lace her fingers through his only to recoil, a grimace plastered on her face. “Would you calm down? Bloody hell, Harry, it’s not like they don’t know who I am.”

"Right, right," he muttered. Still, he had to wipe his hands on his jeans before opening the cottage door.

"Mum?" He heard a thud from the kitchen before Lily came rushing out, flour in her hair. Footsteps upstairs echoed against the ceiling.

"Harry! We were supposed to pick you up from the station," his mother said, giving him a hug. "Honestly, as soon as you lot start learning Apparition, it’s all about independence and no communication… Ginny! For Merlin’s sake, you two, your hands are all red. It’s snowing out, you might at least wear mittens."

"Percy kick you out of the Burrow for throwing Quaffles against his window again?" James inquired, a broad grin stretching across his face as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Er, well… Ginny’s actually here for a reason," Harry said, nearly tripping over his undone bootlaces in his haste to face his father.

Two pairs of eyes swiveled to look at him. Ginny looked down, hiding a smirk at Harry’s quickly reddening face.

"Er… that is, she’s… well, Ginny and I - "

"Snogged me, he did," Ginny interjected breezily, hanging up her coat and brushing the flour out of Lily’s hair. 

"Did he?" Lily replied, looking like she was containing a smile herself. "Well, what a surprise that is, I would never have - James, stop laughing."

"Merlin, Harry, it’s about time. I had to hear all that prattle about Cho Chang for ages, Gin, thank you for saving me - “

Harry made a noise akin to a gurgle. Ginny gave him a wink before disappearing into the living room with Lily.


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