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do action movies know they can have more than one female character

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  • Question: If Thor is still on Earth during "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," then why doesn't he help Cap?
  • Answer: Because he's in London with Jane and the sign on the door clearly reads "DO NOT DISTURB."
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Hey, I love your blog so much and you are such an amazing writer could you please write something on James being jealous— Anonymous


Aww, thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere nonnie

‘Prongs, if you grip that quill any tighter it’s going to…’

Remus’ words were cut off by the loud cracking sound that James’ quill made as it snapped under the immense pressure of James’ angry grip.

A number of their classmates looked their way at the sound, including the source of James’ irritation. Benjy Fenwick grinned at the two Marauder’s and then turned his attentions back to the red-headed girl sitting next to him, one of his hands coming to rest on the nape of her neck as he leaned in closer to talk to her.

Lily’s tinkling laughter could be heard across the classroom, and James scowl got even more pronounced as he watched her lean in and whisper something in Fenwick’s ear.

‘Prongs, seriously.’ Remus elbowed his friend in the ribs and ignored the stream of muttered curses he got in response. ‘You have got to cut this out. Lily can talk to whoever she wants, sit with whoever she wants, date whoever she wants.’

‘I know she can.’ James pulled a new quill out of his bag and moodily stabbed it at his parchment. ‘Doesn’t mean I have to like it.’

The next five minutes were Remus’ idea of hell. James drummed his fingertips on the desk. He stared moodily across the room, his reverie punctuated by a number of aggravated sighs. He broke two more quills. Eventually, after Lily snorted out a particularly loud laugh and James began to mutter uninventive, and probably untrue, insults about Fenwick under his breath Remus lost the last of his patience.

‘Right.’ He slammed his quill down and leaned towards James. ‘Class is finishing, and you have a free period. So does Lily. Find her, talk to her, and for the love of Circe ask her out. Because if I have to spend one more day watching you fantasise about snapping the neck  of whichever bloke she’s currently talking to, I will kill you myself.’

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This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘

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Parvati and Padma Patil, way late for Wizarding Wednesday, greeting each other in the hallways with their majestic House signs


Parvati and Padma Patil, way late for Wizarding Wednesday, greeting each other in the hallways with their majestic House signs

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houses + elements

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